Most capsules contain only dried powdered leaves, as opposed to
oil extract, which is healthier. With bulk leaves fiber in powder form,
it is almost impossible to achieve significant levels of nutrients.
As a result, encapsulated powedered leaves have varying levels of
quality and potency


  • LifeOil® is the ONLY oil-form malunggay food supplement in the market.

  • LifeOil® is made from pure malunggay leaves and seeds oil extract.

  • Found mainly in the seeds of malunggay, this fatty acid is absent in powder-filled capsules, which are made fromn semi-dried malunggay leaves.




Malunggay is found to have vast number of uses by the ancient societies. It has long been
used for medicinal, nutritional, and industrial purposes. Recognizing its high nutritional value
and its remarkable potential for human health improvement, it has used to fight
malnutrition in famine-prone regions of the world.


LifeOil ® Kids Stuff ® is a fruit-flavored natural food supplement
containing the oil from both malunggay seeds and leaf extract.
Since it is in oil form, it is easily absorbed by the body.

LifeOil ® Kids Stuff ® is a good source for optimal health and well-being.

10 ml LifeOil ® Kids Stuff ® is equivalent to 1/2 kilo of fresh malunggay leaves


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