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Manila Nature's Link was founded with a unique alliance of key resources including a biotechnology company that utilizes on traditional and indigenous medical systems, plant-pharmaceutical labs and oil extraction facilities. Through the years, it has developed a strong partnership with agriculturists, plant growers and farmers all over the country guaranteeing a steady supply of raw materials to meet its various production needs.

As a result, Manila Nature's Link was able to provide excellent and highly effective products to people who want to attain and enjoy the best of a healthy lifestyle. We a have a propriety line of nature-based products formulated to suit a wide range of health and nutritional concerns of every individual striving to attain total wellness. The company has a marketing team committed to effectively communicate the message of good health, as well as build a stable network of distribution to make our products accessible to the consuming public.

Excellent service is the underlying principle of our existence as a company and is the bedrock of our effort to nurture exponential customer loyalty and patronage. Our commitment is to help share a new model of health and wellness in the Philippines and the world. It is our clear vision to attain and deliver Optimal Health and Improved Quality of Life to all people ... naturally.

Corporate Tag: Natural Way to a Complete Life.


14th Global brand award
14th Global brand award


20th Consumers choice award
20th Consumers choice award


LifeOil® started from experimentation by Mr. Andy Lugtu, founder of Manila Nature's Link, who became very familiar with the different qualities of natural oils from plants because of the oil extraction research he did for a renewable energy company. This led him to the discovery of malunggay oil extract, which eventually made a big difference in the lives of hundreds of people.

The Philippine-manufactured Malungai LifeOil® supplement is the only combined moringa leaves and seed oil product in the world. On the 20th Consumers Choice and Asia Pacific Excellence Awards, LifeOil® was the chosen recipient of the 2012 Consumer Choice Best Awardee 2012 Best Organic Medicinal Health Supplement Award. During the 14th Global Brand and Asia Pacific Excellence Awards, LifeOil® received the 2012 Global Brand Awardee 2012 Best Organic Medicinal Health Supplement Award.

This shows that LifeOil® is not just any ordinary food supplement, but also a trusted brand for health and wellness.

This year, LifeOil® brand has expanded its product line with its newest product LifeOil® Kids Stuff® food supplement, "Your Kids Daily Dose of Vegetable".


True to our corporate vision of attaining and delivering optimal health and improved quality of life to all people naturally, we strictly practice ethical sourcing and support small-scale farmers.

All raw materials come from malunggay-growing communities in the Philippines, which are owned and managed by local farmers cooperative. We build close relationship with the farming community and through this, we ensure that all malunggay are responsibly grown under high quality standards, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. In effect, we not only keep our environment healthy, we also help create a better life for farmers and their families.

Malunggay Sourcing


It is our goal to improve quality of life to those who uses our products and moreso, to those who grows and produces our malunggay.

We help farmers improve their way of living by giving free trainings on environment-friendly farming techniques using low cost production tools. By empowering them with such knowledge, they can maximize their profits and improve malunggay quality. We also provide financial support to malunggay-growing communities who are in need of capital.

By helping the farmers who responsibly grow malunggay, we contribute in strengthening the farming community and building a sustainable supply of high-quality malunggay. Our business model is to not only become successful, but also to ensure the success of the malunggay-growing community who works with us.

Farmer Support


We are committed in helping communities grow. We support non-profit organizations as they address important issues that directly affect the community. We are also partnering with different groups to provide medical mission and feeding program.


Moringaling Foundation

Moringaling Philippines Foundation, Inc. (MPFI) is a network organization serving the moringa supply chain in the Philippines. MPFI membership extends to cooperatives and civic groups, organic farming and health advocates, NGOs against poverty and malnutrition, educators and researchers, food manufacturers and test laboratories, local government agencies and socially-responsible enterprises. For more information, visit

Moringaling Foundation

Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc. (PFBCI) is a non-stock, non-profit, grassroots, volunteer-based organization, committed and dedicated to fight breast cancer and save lives. Its comprehensive Boobie Programs include awareness campaign with free breast screening, mammography, stereotactic biopsy, financial assistance, counseling, surveillance, home visits and social events. For more information, visit

Moringaling Foundation

Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS) is the premier organization globally recognized, trusted and respected in reproductive health, composed of highly competent, compassionate, God-loving Obstetrician-Gynecologists who uphold the highest ethical standards of practice in providing excellent health care. For more information, visit


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