LifeOil® is the perfect supplement for anybody who strives to live a healthier lifestyle, as it embraces and heightens the innate natural capabilities of people.

Since it is not a pharmaceutical drug, Life Oil does not claim to have healing effects. What it does is it supplies the immune system with the necessary cellular nutrition that it needs to combat illnesses.

Although malunggay has a wealth of health benefits, there is no better Moringa Oliefera supplement than LifeOil®.


Jocelyn Florendo

I’m a 44 year-old LifeOil user. I started using it after I read its benefits on its Facebook page which was shared by my sister-in-law. I got hooked on LifeOil when I experienced significant improvement on my health, unlike when I was using other food supplements. I felt relief from my rheumatic pain, and I felt energized, too! My husband and I even enjoy our intimacy at night.I share my LifeOil experience with family and friends because I know that something good will happen to them as well.

Thanks, LifeOil!

Derek Martin,
Call Center Agent

Call center agent ako, kaya puyat at stress ang kalaban. Naghanap ako online ng food supplement na kumpleto sa mga kailangan ng katawan ko, at nakita ko ang LifeOil. Nagustuhan ko sya kasi natural na malunggay, unlike other food supplements. Ever since uminom ako ng LifeOil, mahimbing na ang tulog ko, at palaging positive energy. Kahit 33 years old na ako, young-looking pa rin daw ako at mukha lang nasa late 20s. Almost 3 years na akong gumagamit ng LifeOil. Talagang beneficial siya sa health ko.

LifeOil, kapartner ko everyday!


Cecilia Beltran,

Simula nang gamitin ko ang LifeOil, nakaramdam ako ng maraming pagbabago sa aking katawan. Naging normal ang blood pressure ko at nawala ang madalas na pagsakit ng ulo ko. Lagi akong masigla at parang hindi napapagod. At my age of 53, feeling 30 years old lang ako! Napansin ko, parang anti-aging din ang LifeOil. Sabi ng mga friends ko, parang hindi raw ako tumatanda.

Lu Algenio-Baliza,
Mother of two

The glaring benefit was with my kids. My first born, after using LifeOil has been resistant to colds and my second child has significantly improved and prevented asthma-like symptoms. The taste is very pleasant for kids which make it easy for me. And does not stain my kids teeth.


Lala Ligon,
Mother and Regional Resourcing Manager for Asia Pacific, International NGO

I never take vaccines but I notice that I hardly get sick even if I'm surrounded with sick family members or colleagues. When I begin to be like I'm coming down with the flu, I take multiple doses of Malungai LifeOil and the flu doesn't progress.

Jane Ladores,

To help keep my daughter protected against common diseases, I give her a dose of LifeOil Kids Stuff everyday before going to school.

Thank you, LifeOil, our all natural supplement for kiddos!


Virgie Caspilan,
Tanay, Rizal

My son JOHN CYRUS CASPILAN is suffering from a mental disorder brought by a severe convulsion when he was 3 years old. Since then, he became restless, irritable and could not get a good night sleep. After 3 days of mixing the oil(Life Oil)with his regular meals, his behavior has dramatically mellowed and gets to have a good sleep every night. It helped me a lot as my son became so much easier to handle and he looked so much healthier now.

Cleopatra Bernardo,

I am 57 years old. I am diabetic, has hypertension and heart problem. I have been taking Life Oil for about two weeks at twice a day. I am feeling so much better now, being more active and does not experience sluggishness during afternoon. I am immediately relived of my constipation and sleeping disorder during the first 3 days of taking Life Oil twice a day. I will have my blood chemical analysis this end of the month to see my blood sugar.


Benjamin N. Figueroa, 66
Businessman and Farmer

I used to drink lots of energy drink during my badminton games to extend my endurance. Although I feel a boost of energy in the first 3 games, I still experience muscle fatigue during my 4th and 5th game. When I heard that caffeinated energy drinks can be bad for the nerves and heart, I tried taking Life Oil 15 minutes before the game and just drink plain water during the game. I experienced energy ,agility, and power all through out the 8 games. I never experienced the usual muscle fatigue and cramps even on the 7th or 8th game.

Nelia Fuentebella, 55

These are the benefits of Malungai Life Oil to my health: lesser body pains, numbness eased out, not dry skin anymore, controlled blood sugar, lessened varicose veins, used as moisturizer-facelifted everyday, no more hair fall, lightened skin pigmentation, no more heavy legs and body weakness.


Jose J. Lumibao,
Quezon City

I have been taking Life Oil since last December 2010 to control my blood sugar level. I have noticed that whenever I take life oil with my regular meals, my blood sugar does not shoot up even right after meals. I also have a long time cyst on my right foot that has been there for years and I just noticed last February that it is no longer there.

Marissa Cruz


My blood sugar level used to be 400. I am almost blind and my legs are already numb. I was already feeling hopeless. After taking Life Oil for two weeks, my blood sugar dropped to 140 and my legs began to feel pain again. I felt blood circulation in my legs and the color has significantly improved. Though my eyes have not fully recovered, I can see a lot better now. As of this moment, my blood sugar is already at 95 which is more controllable.


Celeste Magsino,
Calicanto, Batangas

Diabetic Father

My father is an insulin dependent diabetic. He use to inject at least 20 lantus insulin as his regular dose. He looks really unhealthy and is feeling very weak. After taking Life Oil for two weeks, his doctor was surprised to see very dramatic improvements in his medical profile and insulin requirement was down to 5 lantus. He is so much stronger and active again.

Rudy Evaristo
Sampaloc, Manila


Suffering from diabetic for a long time, I felt a lot of health problems like feeling weak and problems urinating. After taking Life Oil, I immediately felt better, more energized, my skin glow came back, and I was relieved of my urinating problems. I am very happy with this product and will definitely share this with my friends and relatives.


Sonie C. Gacay, 63
Quezon City


I use to suffer from hyperacidity, leg cramps, loss of appetite, and difficulty in urinating. I did not hesitate to try Life Oil because I am a malunggay believer and Life Oil as a pure extract is definitely the most potent form. I am now spared of all those difficulties, after taking Life Oil. I am sharing this testimonial so I may encourage others to just try this very effective product.

Celine Regala

Lactating Mother

I used to take the powdered malunggay capsule to increase my milk production. I heard about the potency of Life Oil capsules and tried it. Surprisingly my milk production has increased to 8 ounces. This is 4 x of the usual 2 ounces of milk I got while taking the powdered form.


Caironisa M. Camid
Marawi City


My 6 year old son was in real bad condition when he was diagnosed with Dengue. His nose is bleeding, he is very weak, has cough and colds, blood platelet is very low already. I was so scared of losing my son that time. Out of desperation and no access to medical attention, his uncle advised me to give him Life Oil (pure malunggay extract). We gave him 2 capsules in the morning, 2 lunchtime and 2 evening. The recuperation of my son was so dramatic, his platelets went back to normal, he was active and playful the following day.

Rene Sta. Cruz, 62
Quezon City


I am generally healthy and fit for my age of 62. I eat the right food and exercise regularly. I am consciously trying to control my blood sugar level as I am already on the high boarder line. I took Life Oil capsules knowing that it is the most potent form of Malunggay. I noticed that after taking Life Oil for about a month, my blood sugar has dropped significantly. I have been taking Life Oil regularly since March 2011. To this time, my blood sugar is already normal plus a long time lump on my chest slowly softened and now has completely flattened.


Beatriz Argoso

My daughter was diagnosed Juvenile Diabetes (type 1 diabetes). It came as a surprise one day when she felt really sick and we had to bring her to the hospital. She was brought immediately to the children’s intensive care unit. Her blood sugar level was at 600. The doctor told us that a slight delay of medical attention could have put my daughter into coma, making me realize how bad my daughter’s condition was that time. I was briefed by the doctors about how to manage her diet and one of the highlighted vegetable is Malunggay. We are already on our third day at the hospital and we are still waiting for my daughter’s blood sugar level to stabilize below 300, a pre-requisite for our dismissal from the hospital. I am a regular user of Life Oil, a pure malunggay oil extract. Knowing its potency, I did not hesitate to give her two capsules. Amazingly, through the combined efforts of medical attention, my daughter’s blood sugar stabilized at 283. We were given the go signal to leave the hospital. She is currently taking insulin regularly and Life Oil as her food supplement.

Pearl Imperial

A successful businesswoman, a cancer survivor. Her productive years were once threatened by a dreaded disease. As a cancer survivor she is extra careful and will not risk any chance of over looking her health. On top of her business now, she is active in the church and social activities.To be able to cope with her activities, she always take LifeOil capsules.

Kate Lugtu

A well rounded college student. She takes Life Oil regularly to boost her energy to cope with school academic and extra-curricular activities. She also considers Life Oil as her daily wholesome nutrition to keep her immune system in full function.






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