The Wonders of Moringa

Moringa Oleifera is also called the Tree of Life. This tree has numerous medicinal uses, thanks to the healing properties of its leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, and bark.

Moringa, being a strong antioxidant, is able to fight cancer-causing free radicals in the body. It also has been long used for energy supply and treating numerous conditions - from anemia to epilepsy, and so on. Moreover, it also supplies the body with usable proteins that are being used for building muscles and supporting the brain function through the creation of neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are the brain chemicals that communicate information throughout our brain and body.  They relay signals between nerve cells to tell the heart to beat, the lungs to breathe, and the stomach to digest.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, Moringa is also a rich source of nutrients. It is one of the complete sources to essential amino acids. It contains more than ten times a body’s needs for vitamin E and more than three times the iron that spinach or beef contain. It also contains three times more potassium than beef and over four times more calcium than milk.

Since it boosts energy level in a natural manner, it has been found to heal ulcers, restrict tumors, reduce arthritis pain or inflammation, and control blood pressure. In other words, Moringa, as a Miracle Tree, has been proven to be extremely effective against illnesses. It has saved millions of lives all over the world, especially in countries where the need for complete nutrition is critical.

In the Philippines, there is one product in the market today that has packed all the natural nutritional benefits of Moringa in a gel. Malungai LifeOil, a potent and all-natural food supplement, is 100% oil extract from Malunggay leaves and seeds. It contains vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, phytochemicals, and high levels of chlorophyll that are needed by the body. It has no harmful effects to the liver that may be caused by synthetic drugs and vitamins. Because it is in oil form, in comparison to other supplements in powder and hard tablet forms, the body easily absorbs it.

Malungai LifeOil addresses the body’s nutritional needs and restores its equilibrium for optimum health and wellbeing.  Malungai LifeOil is available at all Mercury Drug outlets and other leading drug stores nationwide.

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