Malungai (Moringa) Life Oil

             Moringa leaves and especially the oil extracted from fresh leaves, belong to a category of food products termed enerceuticals. These products are characterized by their capacity to activate the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. This pathway is basically a different form of energy than is provided by the calories in food. Enerceutical activity can be considered the major missing dietary component of many cooked and processed foods.

             Enerceuticals can provide benefits to plants, animals and humans. Unlike pharmaceuticals, enerceuticals are not restricted in their usefulness in treating only specific types of illnesses. Nor do they have to localize to the cellular site of disease pathology. This is because enerceuticals can radiate an energy field, which can help improve overall cellular function. As such, enerceutical can be applied to the skin as well as being ingested as a food.

            Moringa Life Oil is a highly concentrated enerceutical food obtained from both the leaves and seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree. It is produced and marketed as dietary capsules in the Philippines by Manila Nature’s Link. It is also being researched for its enerceutical properties within the Institute of Progressive Medicine, Los Angeles, California.

            Moringa Life Oil is likely to especially benefit individuals with a deficiency in the ACE pathway. The deficiency can arise from illnesses or even from excessive energy demands placed on the body, for example, by athletes undergoing intensive training.

           Ongoing research is also indicating a critical role of the ACE pathway in the functioning of the brain. If so then, the enerceutical product Moringa Life Oil, will help reverse age and illness associated impairments in intellectual capacity and interpersonal activities. These questions are being addressed in approved clinical trials conducted under the auspices of the Institute of Progressive Medicine.

          The world will become a better place because of the pioneering efforts of Manila Nature’s Link in devising an effective method of extracting moringa leaf oil and for working towards making this invaluable product widely available.


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