Malungai LifeOil Supports International Breastfeeding Conference

An advocate of health and wellness, the natural way, Malungai LifeOil has thrown its full support behind the recently concluded 2nd International Breastfeeding Conference and 4th Breastfeeding Congress held at the Grand Ballroom of the Manila Marriott Hotel in Pasay City.

Spearheaded by the Philippine Pediatric Society, together with the Makati Medical Center, the two-day event was in celebration of the World Breastfeeding Week.

Dubbed as “The Breastfeeding Triad: Be In and Win,” this year’s event aimed to strengthen mother-and-child initiatives by discussing the major issues that concern the breastfeeding triad, namely mother, baby, and support groups.

Medical consultants, private health practitioners, local and foreign delegates, allied health professionals, medical residents, and government health personnel who share the same advocacy to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding participated in the said event.

Invited speakers were renowned experts in their field such as obstetricians, health specialists, and gynecologists. They presented topics that highlighted the importance of breastfeeding, shed light into the many ways of increasing milk production, and brought empowerment for nursing mothers.

One of the presenters was Dr. Marthony Basco, child and public health specialist.  He expounded on how Moringa Oleiferaor Malunggay can help breastfeeding mothers secure their health with the help of this super nutritious food plant. 

“I am a product of a breastfeeding mother…and I am a breastfeeding advocate. I do hope you would consider Moringa in your next breastfeeding diet,” he proposed to his audience.

Delving deeper into his topic, “Rediscovering Moringa: Food In A Different Light,” Dr. Basco ascertained that there are three things to consider when choosing the best food for nursing mothers.

First, it should be a good source of nutrients, second, easy to prepare, and third, natural and safe. He went on to say that Moringa satisfies all these three qualifications, making it a suitable dietary complement for breastfeeding mothers.

Moringa Oleifera is regarded worldwide for its high nutritional value. In fact, some countries in Southern Africa use it to address their pervasive malnutrition problem. And rightly so because researches show that Moringa is packed with over 92 nutrients, 46 anti-oxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories, 18 amino acids, and 9 essential amino acids. Several studies also show that it is an effective galactagogue, meaning it helps promote or increase the flow of a mother's milk.  This is why Moringa is also known as a “mother’s best friend.”

These same natural benefits of Moringa are perfectly encapsulated in Malungai LifeOil soft gels. 

Malungai LifeOil is a natural food supplement that is made from pure malunggay seeds and leaves oil extract. It has captured in a soft gel the natural nutrients that Moringa is hugely valued for. Since it is in oil form, it is easier for the body to absorb and digest. It is a superfood minus the hassle of food preparation. It is nature in a gel that has been preserved, conserved, and made available to human for consumption.

Malungai LifeOil strongly believes that every nursing mother deserves to be nurtured the same way they nourish their babies. And the best way to do this is the natural way.

Mother’s milk is best for baby because nature nurtures best. Thus, when it comes to nutrition, breastfeeding or not, it is always best to do it the natural way.

This is the Malungai LifeOil way.

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